dealing with a depressed spouse

The How To Of Dealing With A Depressed Spouse

Some people come in and out of it naturally with the highs and lows of life while other people feel low and cannot seem to get out of that depressive rut. Dealing with a depressed spouse is hard work, but there are some things that you can do to help them climb out of the dark hole that they are in.

Give them some time to see if they will move past the depression on their own. A lot of people feel depression from time to time, but normal depression does not last longer than 10 to 14 days. If it lasts longer than this, you may need to start watching your spouse a little bit more closely.

Try talking to them. Many times depressed spouse just need someone to listen to them about the way that they are feeling. Ask them how they are feeling; prompt them with questions about what is depressing them, if they know. Just get them engaged and talking, many times this is all they need.

Dealing with a depressed spouse alone can be tough sometimes. Call in reinforcements. Sometimes someone will respond well when everyone rallies around them. Call friends to come over, see if you can get your lover’s friends to call them up and take them out. Time with friends is often the best therapy.

Get them dressed. If your spouse is depressed and just hangs out every day in their pajamas and doesn’t get dressed, change up their routine. Let them know that you want to take them to dinner and that they need to be dressed at a specific time. Do this a couple times a week, not giving them an option. They may find that the old routines of getting up and moving around snap them out of the depression and they may get back to their former self a lot more quickly.

Buy them books about depression. Or, if they are suffering because of a specific situation, buy them books on that topic or suggest that they go to a support group. It can be very helpful to read the experiences of others who have experienced similar circumstances, especially when they are sharing a story of overcoming their dire circumstances.

Get them to seek professional help. Sometimes you just cannot get your spouse out of their depression on their own and you need to call in professional reinforcements. Don’t force the help on them, unless necessary, instead just try to gently push them in that direction. Hopefully they will follow your lead and get the help that they need before it gets any worse. Depression is a normal part of life, but after two weeks it is no longer normal and can negatively impact life. We hope this article gives you some insights as to dealing with a depressed spouse. Please share your experiences in the comments below.



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