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What Can A Husband And Wife Learn From Each Other?

What can a husband and wife learn from one another? Men and women in marriage have a lot to offer each other (besides family related stuff and intimacy).

As mentioned in my previous articles about sexual polarity, the masculine (men) has deep need to be “free” (crushing through goals and stuff) and the feminine (women) needs to feel love.

Therefore, women often have to teach men how to incarnate love in a relationship. On the other hand, men often teach women how to be free.

You would be doomed if you were only happy in a relationship because all relationships end. You would also be doomed if you could not love in relationship, since life consists of relationships. Therefore, each of us needs to learn the masculine lesson of freedom prior to relationship and the feminine lesson of love in relationship.

Women teach men life and men teach women death. (metaphorically speaking)

They are both necessary lessons. A good man teaches how to let go of emotionally binding attachments. A good woman teaches how to love within a relationship, within a commitment. His freedom can teach her not to cling. Her love can teach him to surrender his self-centered distraction.

It’s this never ending play of sexual polarities which shape the dynamic of healthy, married couples. Married couples should make an effort to understand how the masculine and the feminine behaves, so together we can be more considerate towards one another in understanding each other’s traits and fulfilling each others’ primal desires.

Also, it’s because men and women are so different, that they often don’t see eye to eye on many things. A man can sometimes not understand why his woman is “unreasonable” or has “raging hormones” and woman at the same time can feel that men can be so insensitive and not understanding.

In these instances, a clear communication and setting proper, healthy boundaries for discussion can help dissolve quarrels in a more civilized manner.


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