passion gone in your marriage

Why Has The Passion Gone In Your Marriage?

I think something that happens fairly often among married couples, is unknowingly the passion which once was there fizzles and disappears. So why exactly has the passion gone in your marriage? What caused this phenomenon which has led to 1/2 of marriages ending in divorce? To explain this, we’ll have to dwell deep into the realm of sexual polarity. (Note: read the article about sexual polarity first for a refresher).

In traditional cultures, the polarity between men and women was very well understood. It was an artful matter for them to relate to one another without distraction and sexual degradation.

Over time, this mutual honoring of sexual differences became dogmatized. It became a rigid and dogmatic approach which kept women and men in their places.

It was felt that women should do one thing and men should do another. Rigidly forcing men and women into roles is entirely negative, and the current movement to equalize their access to money, political power and creative expression is very positive.

Yet our culture today has produced quite a few confused and neutralized men and women: passionless men who have difficulty making decisions based on deep vision, and unhappy women who are excessively goal oriented and more hardened than they would be if they didn’t have to live in a masculine-oriented world.

In order to restore passion to our intimate relationships, it is time for men and women to learn how to relax into their full feminine and masculine energy, especially during moments of intimacy. These delicious differences provide emotional and sexual attraction, enchantment, healing and passion between men and women. Without these differences there is no polarity, only two neutralized people wondering where all the passion went.

Do you think your marriage could use more sexual polarity back into it? It could be the key to why has the passion gone in your marriage.


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